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about us
About Us

Tri Devbhumi Co-operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. was started in 30-Mar-2017, under Delhi Co-op. Societies Act 2003, with registration No 10456/Sec-08/T-C/2017.
At the time of organized the Society there were seventy five origin members gathered by founder of the society Sh. Harish Chandra Singh.


When the society registered, there were some of the people Management Committee Members associated with us namely Sh. Inder Singh Negi, Sh. Mahipal Singh, Sh. Jagat Singh Rawat, Sh. Puran Singh Rawat, Sh. Deepak Singh Rautela, Smt. Hansi Devi, Smt, Deepa and Sh. Khim Singh


The primary objective of the Society is to uplift the social and economic conditions of its members by promoting saving habits. The products of the Society are in the shape of Daily Deposit, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Saving Accounts, and Loans.

The Society has its corporate office at 410,4th Floor, Aggarwal Chamber-IV, 27, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Delhi110092 . The norms and rules of working related to the Society have been outlined under the Bye-laws of the Society.

Tri Devbhumi  Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society Limited strictly abides by the Delhi State Cooperative Society Act 2003, and conducts its business amongst the members of the Society. The Society uses the funds for loans to its members and for investments as per the Cooperative Society Act / Rules / Bye-laws.

The registration, guiding and supervising authority of the Society is the Registrar of Cooperative Societies (RCS), Delhi.


The society is run by the managing committee that is selected on the basis of the elected/voting, As per act in main managing committee comprises of  President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and the five executive members. The general body elects the president, the vice president and management committee members. The general body elects said people directly.

Our Vision

We constantly monitor the market and try to better ourselves in every possible manner. Our vision are to encourage members to do more savings habit and to provide financial help loans facilities to them for useful purposes at very reasonable interest rates and minimum formalities i.e. paper work. The TDB society is here with an ultimate aim of improving the living standard of the members.


Our Mission

Co-operate each and every top to bottom standard peoples live friendly and improve their living standard and also open branches in pan Delhi and Uttarakhand, want to convert into multi state credit cooperative society.

Society Registration Certificate

Society registered as per RCS norms 
         as on 30/Mar/2017 
 having registration no 10456
Society Bank Details

        Bank :-      Punjab National Bank   (Laxmi Nagar East Delhi)
        A/C No:-   04881132000148
        IFS Code   PUNB0048810

PAN Number AAABT4128L