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FD Schemes
BRIEF PARTICULARS OF DEPOSIT SCHEMES (effective from 10th April. 2022)

1.     The receipt is not transferable and subject to encashment of cheque/draft.

2.     Cheque/Drafts in respects of deposits should be payable at Delhi/New Delhi.

3.     The minimum acceptable amount for opening FD account will be Rs. 10,000/-

4.     All renewals are effected and payment are made from the society registered office at 410, Aggarwal Chamber IV, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Delhi-110092.

5.     The deposit is payable on the due date indicated. It shall not carry interest beyond the due date unless renewed.

6.     Intimation regarding change of address, if any should reach the society at least one month before the due date of payment of principal/interest.

7.     The society reserve the right of paying up any F.D before the date of maturity.

8.     Refund of deposit before maturity date shall be at the description of the society. In case of refund of deposit before maturity date, payment of interest will be in accordance with the rate decided by the society.


Rate of Intrest